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RECOMMENDED by the LARGEST composite DECK, DOCK & FENCE manufacturers!

This website is now the corporate website, designed to educate those whom have had problems cleaning & keeping composites clean. Corte LLC highly recommends composite owners thoroughly review this website before using Corte*Clean®. The new Corte*Clean® website can be found at

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-Each bag CLEANS up to
approx. 300 Sq. Ft.
-Proactively maintains up to
approx. 500 Sq. Ft. if used
at least twice yearly,
Spring & Fall.
-Least expensive product,
on the market for cleaning
& maintaining composites
of all common stains.


Should Corte LLC lower

the price point of Corte*Clean®, and only clean 100 Sq. Ft., like the competition, or continue to sell what most composite owners will need to clean the average 300 Sq. Ft. deck, dock or fence and maintain 500 Sq. Ft., twice yearly, Spring & Fall?

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I just loved the cleaned look of my Brasilia Trex deck.

Have tried so many products and nothing comes close to to this level of clean! I am back to being proud of my deck - as opposed to regretting it!

Here are some before and after pictures!

Thanks you!

J. Benati

Roswell, GA

Black Mold Stained Trex®.

Commonly confused with

white & sometimes gray

silky looking mildew stains.

Corte Cleaned!

Corte Cleaned!


Made in USA.


Why choose Corte*Clean® to clean an expensive composite?

BEFORE - Black Mold Stains on TREX®                         AFTER - Corte Cleaned!
{Commonly confused with white mildew.}


Many Additional Pictures in the "Media Photo Gallery" (CLICK HERE)

CORTE*CLEAN® ECO Responsible, Non-Corrosive to Structural Metal Composite Deck, Dock & Fence Cleaner is the single proven and recommended solution for easily cleaning & safely, routinely maintaining composites of all common staining issues including mold & mildew stains, black spots, grease, oil, barbecue, tannin(s), leaf, pine needle, chalk, berries, sunscreen, olive oil, citronella candle oil, peanut butter, red wine, pet food, hard water, grass, ground in dirt, clay, flower pot, rust, grime, green slime and most other stains that saturate the porous surfaces of most composites and non-porous surfaces of others.


BEFORE - Grease & Oil Stains on ChoiceDek®
             AFTER - Corte Cleaned!

Don't let the fact that one, low cost, time saving, biodegradable, non-toxic smelling, non-corrosive to structural metal, solution lead you to believe that it is less than optimally effective. The TESTIMONIALS and BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS should prove to you that this multi-stain removing, money $aving, easy to use, single product really does work! This is because Corte*Clean® was developed, in part, by a composite owner & chemical engineer, whom have been designing reputable cleaning products for for over 40 years!


BEFORE - Mold Stained Dirty Fiberon®/Veranda®/Portico®
                    AFTER - Corte Cleaned!

Corte*Clean® is a powerful cleaner specifically designed to clean composites, of the toughest stains, that other cleaners only bleach out and/or leave behind, while causing ugly rust stains around structural metal such as screws, nails or joist hangers. Not only does Corte*Clean® thoroughly clean composites, it's designed to keep them clean, for longer periods of time. Corte*Clean® is designed to activate and reactivate anytime it receives moisture, preventing deep stains from occurring, while making new stains cost less time & money to remove, until thoroughly rinsed, when it is time to re-apply, at the diluted strength, at least twice yearly, spring & fall, preferably before composites receive moisture and/or stains appear. This unique, proprietary technology insures composites stay clean, for the maximum amount of time, while costing less money, than any other single cleaning product or products.

Corte*Clean® does not have all the additional costs, risks & liabilities of using multiple other dangerous, polluting, unhealthy, destructive, corrosive to structural metal cleaning chemicals for specific staining issues.  If Corte*Clean® can't get composites clean, of all common stains & routinely help to maintain them, at an even lower cost, while saving time, it's likely nothing will.

Corte*Clean® is RECOMMENDED for CLEANING...

 Trex®, TimberTech®, Fiberon®, WeatherBest®, RhinoDeck®, Natures Composites®, Lowe's® ChoiceDek®, Alcoa® Oasis®, AmeriDeck®, Azek®, Certainteed Boardwalk®, Correct Deck®, Dow® Symmatrix®, Elk Cross Timbers®, Epoch Evergrain®, Everex®, GeoDeck®, Greenland Composites®, Home Depot® Veranda®, Veredeck®, Menards® UltraDeck®, Millennium®, ModWood®, MoistureShield®, Monarch®, NewTech®, Nexwood®, Perfection®, Portico®, PrairieDeck®, Procell®, SmartDeck®, Tendura®, UltraDeck®, Latitudes®, Terratec® (formerly Xtendex®), etc. Note: Brand names are trademarks of their respected owners.

Corte*Clean® will clean composites made of wood fiber/flour or any other organic material & synthetic plastic such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or poly vinyl chloride (PVC). Corte*Clean® will clean the tannins (sugars) from the wood or other dead organic matter, rather than only brightening them, decreasing the food from which funguses, such as black mold, feed. Corte*Clean® is a commercial cleaner/deck wash available globally. Hopefully, you will choose what leading eco-conscious manufacturers, professional contractors, cleaning services, marinas, hotels, parks, playgrounds & composite owners have proven effective without all the added labor, costs, risks & liabilities of dangerously using sodium hypochlorite, acids,  phosphates and degreasers.

Please, make sure you review this entire website,

including the Corte*Clean® Instructional Video, to educate yourself regarding cleaning composites & keeping them clean. Not only do we want to make sure you get the composites looking their best, we want to make sure we teach you how to keep them looking that way, for as long as possible, at the lowest possible co$t, with the least amount of time & effort, especially when it comes to common black mold staining (black spots).

Cleaning composites & keeping them that way is somewhat different than maintaining wood decking/materials, especially those that are/were treated with CCA and contained poisonous arsenic to prevent rot or fungal decay, such as black mold (common on composites) & white or sometimes gray colored mildew stains (common on treated wood, redwood & cedar but rare on composites). Failure to review this website, or at least read & follow the Corte*Clean® label directions, will likely result in you being dissatisfied with our proven product. Please DO NOT PURCHASE Corte*Clean® if you are not willing to thoroughly review the provided information & contact us if you have any questions. We do not want any dissatisfied Corte*Clean® customers.

The Corte*Clean® website is continually updated with new info & is kind of like a running blog. As we discover new info, we post it. The reason we do this is because we want to educate, hopefully saving you time & money, so check back when it's time to clean a composite deck, dock or fence, at least twice yearly, spring & fall, as most composite manufacturers recommend, before stains appear, or when stains appear.

Corte, LLC wants to make sure every Corte*Clean® customer gets composites thoroughly clean and understands how to keep them looking that way at the lowest possible cost, with the least amount of time & effort. No one wants to waste unnecessary time & money cleaning anything, especially a composite that was believed to be "NO MAINTENANCE" when it was purchased. This is why Corte, LLC provides a GUARANTEE & LIMITED WARRANTY  along with quality customer service, by people whom have actually cleaned numerous composites with Corte*Clean® & just about everything else before discovering Corte*Clean®!  Corte LLC wants every customer to be satisfied with the results of Corte*Clean®. If you have any questions before one purchases, during or after Corte*Clean® is used, especially if the desired results are not reached, Contact US!


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